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Design and Planning

Whether you need design and planning or complete project management, The Team of Design First will work with you to the extent that you need.


Many of the Design First customers were inspired to personally take care of the multitude of steps involved in a kitchen and/or bath remodeling project. By doing a DIY project, it is largely thought that costs can be cut, and time can be saved. Occasionally that is the case.

However, that first step is so crucial- accurate measurements and a full set of plans. That set of plans allows every company involved with the project to follow those plans and achieve the vision of the homeowner with out question.

Collaborating with a professional to achieve this at the beginning is what we many consider to be a must.

Collaborate and create a plan with The Team of Design First Serving the greater Denver area

Design First prides ourselves with providing this crucial step for many of our customers. Accurate measuring, knowledge of the materials needed, space flow and planning, all transformed into a full set of working plans which allows the customer to go forth to execute their vision.

A service and product that will be infinitely more valuable than what you pay for it.

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