About Us
Trip Butler, Owner and certified Associate Kitchen and Bath Designer, has built this company by being an over-thinker, extreme planner with meticulous measurement habits. Years of creative design and strategic thinking has allowed our customers to enjoy the process of remodeling. The design team of Trip and Sheri Butler maintains strict organization for their customers to transition from the design phase of remodeling into the "whats next" phase of remodeling. Customers are prepared for the entire process when contracting with DFKB. Throughout the remodeling project customers are prepared with checklists and given professional guidance. Working with Design First offers a complete service from design to management.
What We Do
Floor Plans
3D Renderings
Complete CAD plans suitable for customers to get bids from necessary trade professionals.
Design and Materials Sourcing
Management of Scheduling
Management of Trades
Our Mission
To create beautiful environments that are the vision of our customers, with efficiency, grace and style.